Easiest Plants to Take Care of For Beginners

Gardening is a fun, fulfilling past time, and not just for adults – for kids as well (with adult supervision, of course!).

This hobby may be perceived as challenging by some, especially if you see the award-winning gardens specifically created to join major competitions. However, the truth is, gardening can be easy, too. That’s what makes it even more amazing: it can be done casually and could be relaxing as well; you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself just to maintain your plants and flowers.

If you’re a beginner and still learning how to be better at gardening, it will be wiser to try planting plants, flowers, or seeds that are low maintenance, can withstand harsh weather and poor soil conditions, or don’t require too much work. Every wilted plant because of improper handling or incorrect planting is wasted money, effort, and time. You want to start with something simple; it will also be a boost in your confidence as a gardener if you see your plants successfully growing. My friend went from asbestos removal in vancouver to full time gardening and starting a landscaping business because she started small and fell in love with it.  

Some of the plants and flowers you can try at first are:

Honeysuckle – Famous for its sweet fragrance, Honeysuckle is fairly easy to grow, too. It enjoys damp soil and can be planted on sunny areas as well as partially-shaded spots. Since it is a vine, it can add beauty to bare walls on your garden.

Cosmos – If you live in a sunny area, Cosmos can be the way to go. They can survive in dry soil and thrive in sunny weather. Just don’t put them be directly under extreme heat from the sun and move them into a partially shaded area.

Sunflower – Not just beautiful to look at, planting Sunflowers can be an enjoyable for children as well due to their being low-maintenance. Growing Sunflowers can be an accomplishment for beginners, especially that they can grow up to several feet high. Sunflowers enjoy being under sunlight.

Marigold – Marigold isn’t just easy to take care of, it also grows quickly. With just a combination of a  healthy soil and the sun, you can see the plant sprouting in just a few days.