How to Maintain Your Garden Properly

Basic Science in grade school has already taught us that plants need water and sunlight to grow – and, as amazing as that would be, sadly, plants need more than just water and sun for them to live.


Your garden requires proper maintenance for it to thrive. And since plants are living things, maintaining your garden and taking care of your plants is a continuous, repetitive task.


You have to start practicing maintaining your garden the right way if you want the plants to grow; these are some of the things you should do to ensure your garden is well taken care of:


Start composting. Composting is an effective and affordable way you can keep your plants healthy. Food scraps like as fruit peelings, or even leftover bread, can make a good compost which you can make yourself. Compost can make your soil (and plants) grow healthier.


Water your plants regularly. Yes, we are already aware that water is necessary for the plants to grow. But you need to know that watering should be done right. Too much water can make the plants drown, and too little would not give the plant the nutrients it needs. You also have to find the perfect time to water your plants – and that would be early in the morning when the sun’s heat isn’t as extreme yet. Watering during early hours can help the plants retain the moisture they require.


Add mulch to your garden. Weeds can make your garden look ugly and they steal the nutrients that should be for your plants. Adding mulch to your garden can block weed growth. Mulch is also great in maintaining the much-needed moisture in your plants.


Maintain proper spacing. Plants need to have an adequate amount of space between them so they don’t compete with one another. Make sure that each plant will have sufficient space for itself so they can receive the nutrients they need.